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The components below can be combined or executed as one-off PROJECTS based on your needs.

How well do you know your students?

Modern admission work is hard. There is no longer "one size fits all" when it comes to independent schools. In fact, with so many different types of programming in our schools, it's incumbent on us in admissions to know as much as we can about the type of families that do best on our campuses. Families expect us to know everything about them when they call, so why not start BEFORE they enter the funnel. When we know what makes those families tick, the results when those families visit campus will be dramatic.

It starts with a question...

We will work with you to build truly custom stories around the families you want to attract to your school, and then convert those stories to prospect journeys on your website. At the end of the day, your profiles have to match the stories and look and feel in your's feeling of congruency on campus. Getting the prospect to connect with your school is the first step. Because we create multiple profiles for ideal students, the end result will be increased engagement at each stage of your funnel.

The end result is a conversation

All you need to do is get that prospect out of the shadows. By catering the story and their journey with your school, you build trust, rapport, and will get the family to engage with you on even terms. Once we get that conversation going, your school's story will resonate even more. The PROFILE of your typical student is an important picture to create, and we'll help you clearly articulate your perfect incoming class.

OK! Let's talk more about PROFILE!

Are you fishing where the fish are?

If your school is like most in the market, you are probably seeing a decrease in inquiries, and an increase in applications. Families are doing more and more research online, leaving you guessing as to your effectiveness in marketing. Your most effective messaging should be based on your current student body. Are your recruiting messages targeted to the right families? And if they are targeted properly, are your marketing assets and website properly configured to capture and report that information back to you?

Where are you wasting the most money?

Simply put, advertising. By standard advertising practice you are "getting the word out" about your school. That's great if you are selling dish soap or paper plates, but not an independent school education. By simply adjusting the targeting in your prospecting, you can engage with families that match the PROFILES that we build, and are an exact demographic type for your school. Your investment in outreach will then be measurable AND effective. In fact, with a minimal investment, you'll be starting conversations with families that are an exact match for the type of family that's in your pool now. Would you rather have a shotgun approach, or one that's laser-focused on the target?

How many times have you had someone in your school community say, "We should be advertising in community X! That's where all the money is"! Without a clear plan, market assessment, and idea of what students are available, all of that promotion will be for naught. Our approach allows you to target the RIGHT families in the RIGHT area who are MOST LIKELY to enroll. And it's going to put way less strain on your budget than you can imagine.

The end result is a STRONGER pool of candidates

While your school may not be looking to increase the total number of inquiries or applications, you are probably looking to improve the QUALITY of those files. With PROSPECT in place, your school will have stronger, more demographically appropriate files to match the needs of your enrollment planning.

Let's get PROSPECT-ing...

It's great to have a are you telling it?

If your school is like most in the market, you are probably seeing a decrease in inquiries, and an increase in applications. Families are doing more and more research and self-selecting out of your funnel before you have a chance to make what could be your best pitch. We worked with a school that was trying to target 14 year old boys (in a co-ed environment), and the text that was throughout their collaterals was written at graduate level, in a decidedly female voice! Is it any wonder why that school opened their year with a 67/33 female to male ratio? We will work with you to look at your core messaging, and help to define and refine your results to get the story exactly right.

An honest and clear approach

With an eye for design and connected messaging, we will work with your team to develop the right messaging for each segment you are trying to reach. One size does NOT fit all in the independent school world, and the need for appropriate, segment focused content has never been more important.

The end result is a clear message to each segment of your funnel

Get the right message to the right family at the right time and in the right voice. With that in place, the visits will pile up. With the right approach to messaging, your ability to PROMOTE your core offerings will increase dramatically. Resonate with the families that matter most.

Let's start the conversation.

Competition is are you positioned?

We recently talked with a school that was struggling with it's position in the market. There were local families, in the right demographic, that when contacted about the school, had the exact opposite idea about what the school really was about and who it served! Messaging is everything in the market, and sometimes even the most simple choices (like colors on a website) can send a message to the market you are trying to reach. We'll help you re-establish your presence in your local area, AND help you find students in other zip codes, towns, or even countries! If your school is facing competition from public schools as well, it's vital to keep your core messaging, mission and medium in mind.

The commutative property of marketing

We will work with your school to understand where your school fits in the market landscape. With a complete competitive market analysis, including looking closely at the public schools in your area, we will develop strategies and tactics that ensure success, against schools you compete with AND schools who you'd like to compete with. If you are expecting different results, why are you using the same tactics?

The end result is a stronger place in your market

Positioning is never easy, and without a clear roadmap, it is difficult to accomplish. With our proven approach, we will work together to build the case, establish a clear framework, and execute the plan. If other schools are starting to creep into your acquisition funnel, it's time to get serious about how you PROTECT your base market. Especially if that competition is coming from the local public schools..

Let's move the needle!

Why do your families expect you to know them?

Modern technology has allowed almost everything in our lives to be personalized. From our shopping experiences on Amazon (log in, show me what I want, then get out my way and let me buy it), to the tailored advertising we see as we navigate the web, our prospects demand personal attention now more than ever. Is your admission process designed with that mentality in mind? In fact, most schools have an admission process that is tailored around what's more convenient for THEIR OFFICE, not the applicant. We'll also secret shop your admission team, so there is accountability behind the process, before and after.

Visualization is the key

We will work directly with your office to build a schematic visualization of your ENTIRE admission process, from initial contact through to enrollment day. By assessing the touchpoints each family has with your school, we will find opportunities for improvement, increase internal efficiencies, and provide your families with an experience at your school that will delight them. Even if they DON'T end up choosing you, they will leave your funnel as positive story-tellers...and you can't put a price on that.

The end result are happy families and a more efficient office

When it comes down to it, you want your teams to work smarter. With a strategy in place, your teams will have the tools they need to delight your prospects and future students. Your prospects live in a world that expects the Amazon treatment every time they interact with a new company. We will delineate and strengthen your existing PROCESS.

Evaluate our PROCESS.

You have to have a plan...and reasonable goals.

There was a head of school that once said, "we have to get to 180 students, and I don't care how you get there." As an admission director, that's a truly frightening statement. Where would those extra 30 students come from each year? How would we keep our existing students happy and content to stay with us through graduation? Without SMART goal planning, he was simply pulling a number out of the air and hoping we would hit it, so we could meet budget. The art and science of admission and enrollment work is somewhere in the middle, where you can plan on a number, yet have reasonable and attainable opportunities to make the goal.


We will work with you to establish Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timebound goals for your admissions team. By using this technique, the goal goes from "30 new kids" to "4 new day boys in zip code X". With the right research completed (see PROfile and PROspect), we will have a very clear understanding of who those students are, how we will reach them, and how they fit into the overall budget. That type of planning will keep your business office happy, your admission team focused, and provide very clear delineation on the important families you need to chase to make your numbers.

The end result is a predictable funnel.

Do you remember what happened when the stock market crashed in 2008? Admissions professionals remember it as the day the phone stopped ringing. We will help your teams to plan for all contingencies in enrollment, and provide the most predictable outcomes possible. Your business operations rely on having a stable, predictable model for enrollment, and we will help you build out a strong, reliable PROFORMA for your school.

What if you are looking for something else?

There may be a project that you are interested in that isn't listed here. Perhaps you are looking for some coaching or professional development. You could even be looking for an extra set of eyes on a challenge you are having, or even need someone to speak with to bounce ideas off of. That's what our most recent addition, PROPEL is all about.

Individual Coaching

We will work directly with you to custom tailor professional development that makes sense for you and your staff. Every school is unique, and your skill set should constantly be refined to get the most of your admission efforts.

Deep dives and weekly calls

With a calendared approach to your admission efforts, we will work with you to build a pan that makes sense, while providing feedback on your efforts. When you work with Admission Pro, we will work to PROPEL you to the next level of achievement professionally, and for your school.

Let's get started

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