FACT: Admission is 90% of your school's budget

The admission department is the linchpin for the smiling, happy faces in the seats and a budget that supports long-term vitality of your school.  Admissions can’t be left to chance, and more often than not opportunities are left on the table.  Spending money on mass-media marketing to recruit new students?  Perhaps you are wasting precious capital.  Our approach looks at the mission — and the message — of your school.  We profile the right families, delight them with your process, make your teams more efficient and deliver results. We apply a PROfessional and PROven skill set to complement your already enthusiastic enrollment teams.

What is the exact identity profile for the type of students who succeed at your school?  Where do these students live; where do their parents work; how much do they earn; and do you know the education level of prospective parents?  We develop custom blueprints of the exact families you want to reach.  With our laser-targeted list creation tool, full-pay families will be firmly in your sights.

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Everyday visitors to your web site are potential prospects, but who are they?  How do you engage them?  Let us help you unlock the identities of these shadow visitors and connect with them in order to transform mystery moms into real, live prospects.

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Fine-tune your message, medium and level — before you spend valuable resources.  Use your school’s unique voice to hit the right notes. Does your school video inspire? Or does it just check off the boxes of the mediocre. We'll help you stand out and be noticed.

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Competition is fierce for the elusive, full-pay students.  We develop marketing strategies geared to protect your territory and grow your base. With more schools fighting for limited student numbers, it makes sense to evaluate your entire market position. We'll provide a battle plan for market leadership.

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Bottlenecks in your admission process?  Would you know if there were?  Are your families delighted as they investigate your school?  We help you visualize and improve your student lifecycle — from first touch to graduation. We'll work with your team to evaluate your entire admissions journey, from first touch through enrollment.

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It’s about the numbers - numbers of students and satisfying the business office.  We'll help your team build SMART goals, avoiding the pitfalls of admission surprises, and motivate your admission office to work with confidence. With the proper tools and metrics for evaluating success, you'll have the confidence to chase your targets.

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Our team

For nearly two decades Jesse Roberts has been achieving success in the independent school market.  As an:  Admission Director, Development Director, VP of Marketing, teacher, coach, board member and a parent.  He has worked for schools who were struggling to maintain enrollment and schools who have 13-year waiting lists, but the constant is his innovative perspective to the challenge of admission and enrollment management.

Jesse has personally engaged or consulted directly with nearly 1000 schools.  His thought-leadership is based in a wealth of knowledge about industry trends and technological insights to experience on the front lines of the “meet & greet.”   Having developed a series of custom tools that establish and improve efficiency in the admission process, he provides schools fine-tuned marketing/messaging as well as assists admission teams to deliver on brand promise.

With a strong foundation in CRM, CMS, data system and marketing automation, Admission-Pro services are built to help smaller admission offices achieve equalled results with staffs of 20; whereas, the mature admissions offices benefit from subtle refinements that convert a great incoming class to an exceptional one.

As a frequent presenter on the enrollment management circuit, Jesse enjoys getting to know schools of all sizes and backgrounds.  He is an innovator for admissions professionals.  Whether it’s examining the ROI of marketing dollars across funnel segments or diving into the messaging of the view book, Jesse is a “school guy” who loves working with fellow admission professionals — and making a positive impact.

Ensuring excellent positioning of your school and its sustainability and growth for a healthy future is how we measure our success.